Sidekicks Disability Inclusion

Every hero has their sidekick

We’re here to partner with you and your child as they face unique physical, mental, behavioral, or emotional challenges. Going to church can be difficult and we’d love to provide your family with a little extra support as you participate in the life of the church.

Usually we’re able to match you up with a “Sidekick” who has gone through our basic training and can provide individual care for your child as they participate in KCC Kids. Currently, Sidekicks are available for both Sunday AM services (8:30am & 10:30am) as well as Encounter (our Sunday youth night).

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Register for Kingsburg Community Church Kids

Register your family

This is the basic registration for anyone participating in KCC Kids. Just make sure you check “Has Disability” next to any kids you’d like to be involved in Sidekicks.

Fill out disability registraion form

Fill out the Sidekicks info form

After family registration you’ll be emailed a link to your Sidekicks info form. This goes into more detail about your child’s disability and helps us pair you up with the best sidekick possible.

Sidekicks Disability Inclusion

Meet your sidekick

Once we’ve talked with you about how we can best partner together we’ll connect you with your child’s sidekick(s). You’re welcome to arrange a time to meet them before coming to church or get to know them when you get here.

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Meet the Sidekicks Leadership

Madisen Gai

Madisen Gai

Madi graduated with her BA in Liberal Arts with a minor in Special Education from Fresno Pacific University and works as an RSP teacher at Rafer Johnson Junior High here in Kingsburg.

Johanna Chambers

Johanna Chambers

Johanna earned her MA in Communicative Disorders with an option in Speech Language Pathology at CSU Fresno and has been a Speech Language Pathologist in the public school system for the last seven years.


No, however depending on the exact nature of your child’s challenges we may ask that you accompany them for the first Sunday so we can find the best Sidekick possible for your child.

Just tell us! We understand that everybody clicks with different people and our goal is always to find the best sidekick possible for you and your child.

Our Sidekick disability inclusion team is all about helping kids affected by disability integrate into our children’s activities.

Being someone's Sidekick can be truly transformational for them and their families as they're able to fully participate in the of the church!

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