Sidekicks - Disability Inclusion

Service Area: Children's
Days of the Week: Sun

Our Sidekick disability inclusion team is all about helping kids affected by disability integrate into our children’s activities. We do this by training buddies to be their sidekick, giving a lasting relationship and someone (who isn't their parent) to attend activities and events with. Being someone's Sidekick can be truly transformational for them and their families as they're able to fully participate in church!

If you're interested in being a sidekick, just connect here and one of the team leads will get in touch to give you more info and let you know about training dates.

  • Time: Serve 2 to 3 times per month (including Sunday mornings and special events)
  • Commitment: 6 month terms
  • Training: You will attend an initial onboard training prior to working with the students and will receive tips / training from the Disability Ministry leaders throughout the 6-month term.