Sorting Out a Messy World: 2 Corinthians


The first chapters of the Bible tell us an important truth: this world is not the way it was supposed to be. Adam and Eve were disobedient; they chose to live how they saw fit and the entire creation was messed up as a result. But God had a great plan to sort out the mess. He sent Jesus to save the world. But even though we follow Jesus, the world is still messed up. Even the church can get messy. The early church in the important city of Corinth made a lot of messes. But Paul, the founder of that church, writes letters and visits them to straighten them out time after time. In this second letter to the Corinthian church Paul addresses their specific problems and shows us how God helps us sort out our messy world. For the next three months, we will listen to Paul as we look for truth that we can apply to sort out our messy world.


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