Turning Points

Wednesday at 6:30 PM
9/12/2018 to 11/21/2018
Wednesday Nights


Ed Ezaki

Without Christianity, would there be science, democracy, universities, markets, and First Amendment freedoms? Based on the civilizations they nurture, can differing religious systems be evaluated in light of their contribution to human flourishing? Is religious belief something that can be seen as personal and optional in a 21st century scientific and secular world? Mark Noll, retired professor of history at Notre Dame University and National Humanities Award recipient, traces the influences that explain how Christianity came to be the largest, most widespread faith in the world and how it’s development is intertwined with the development of the West and beyond. This Fall and through January, we will follow Professor Noll’s book Turning Points which chooses 13 historical events that represent major civilizational shifts in the history of our faith and the development of the world as it is.