Kenya 2019


Willow Metz
Alistair Robertson
Gretchen Ezaki

Plans for the summer 2019 Kenya Mission Team

We are still in the planning stages so sign up if you'd like to be included in the informational emails and be notified of info meetings.

The first informational meeting will be Sunday, June 10th. If you are not able to attend we can fill you in via email.

We expect to send two teams, either at the same time to different ministries, or back to back with a short overlap to debrief/pre-brief together.

One team, a nurses group, will be teaching Essential Care for Every Baby and Essential Care for Small Babies. Check it out.

The other team could include helping to get the Hope Matters Hospital up and running, working with The Living Room as they expand the hospice, or working with the ELI training center where individuals are taught skills to run small businesses and 100 Women of Change happens.