10 years of Outpour

It's hard to believe that Outpour has been a part of KCC for 10 years. The service was born out of a desire for a simple intentional time of worship.  Over the years so many people have poured into it, especially Nico Myers who consistently led us in heartfelt worship. The stage is where so many of our young speakers first experienced what it means to share God's word. I still remember Zac Dewey's first sermon; receiving spiritual sight. Both our current youth director, Brian Gai, and our Pastor (in training), Ricky Chambers, learned to communicate their passion for God's word from the Outpour stage.  

We are so thankful that God blessed us with the talent and passion to make this service possible. Now, after a ten year run of worship, we feel led to bring a close to this chapter.  Lately, we've found it increasingly difficult to maintain the staffing needs for quality music, tech and teaching that has been the staple of Outpour. We're taking that as an indication of God telling us its time to invest our energy elsewhere.  

We especially want to thank all of those who made Outpour a significant source of worship and encouragement, Nico Myers, in particular as well as all of the musicians who have been a part of the band for the past ten years (and especially the techs that made them sound good).  Thanks also to the team of teachers who led us in the study of God’s Word. Also we are so thankful for all of you who attended faithfully, worshipped earnestly and truly made Outpour a family. 

It is difficult to let go of the good things we love but we are anxious to see what new doors God will open. Meaningful worship and teaching from the heart will remain a priority at KCC as we continually discern God's leading. Feel free to join us for our morning services, 8:30 & 11am and please always pray for God's hand over KCC.

Thank you all for the memories!

Here are some of the most memorable Outpour teachings, unfortunately we don't have any recordings of Nico and the Band but if you ask nicely he'll serenade you.