From Pastor Ed

It’s hard to believe the summer is ending.  What a summer it has been here at KCC.  Of course, the biggest news is that our Transition Committee unanimously recommended and the KCC Board approved naming our youth pastor, Ricky Chambers, as successor pastor to me.  Ricky is completing seminary next year and will be ready to take the senior pastor role at KCC by Spring of 2019.  Although that is still two and a half years away, there is a lot of experience to be gained; please pray for both Ricky and I during the time of transition.  We want the transition between pastors to be smooth and harmonious as God continues to help us reach the world.

Andrew Metz is rejoining our staff in his old youth pastor position as Ricky begins preaching regularly and attends seminary full time.  In addition, Andrew will be giving leadership to Outpour which returns from hiatus with some new ideas and a commitment to providing an alternative worship style for those who love contemporary worship.

And Brian Gai is serving as junior high youth director.  Brian has been an intern, a part of the Rez House, the drummer in the Outpour Band, and is finishing his degree at Fresno State.

 It is a tremendous blessing that God has helped us develop all three of these young leaders in ministry at KCC.  I think it’s evidence that we are doing a lot of things right in nurturing Christian disciples for leadership of the next generation.  The church is only ever one generation from extinction; unless we successfully transmit faith to our young people, our church will be an empty museum of what people used to believe.

Please pray for our new staff as they get up to speed.  As well, I would ask that you use this Fall as a time to increase your service and commitment to KCC.  We need help filling up the choir loft, baking treats from Sunday morning, cooking a meal on Wednesday night, staffing volunteers for Outpour, and staffing our children’s programming.  Just call the office and tell us that you want to get plugged in!

Thank you for your help.
See you in church!

Pastor Ed